Early diagnosis often slows progression of chronic kidney disease to end-stage renal disease and dialysis.





Our Mission
The Asian Renal Clinic is designed to serve the East Asian community in the Greater Boston area and attract referrals from around the world. The mission of this center is to:

  1. Provide the highest quality care in kidney-related clinical medicine to Chinese, Southeast Asian, Korean, and Japanese populations in their native language,
  2. Implement primary and secondary preventive strategies through the community outreach programs and close collaboration with primary care physicians,
  3. Act as a national clearinghouse for patients with IgA nephropathy, the most common form of kidney disease among Asian populations world-wide,
  4. Conduct kidney-related clinical research studies specifically tailored to the Asian population,
  5. Advance medical care in renal medicine for the Asian community in Greater Boston and beyond.

In accordance with our mission to serve Boston's Asian-American community, the Asian Renal Clinic established its free health screening program, Community Kidney Disease Detection, in November 2007. Comprised of a permanent site at Chinatown's CCBA community center (90 Tyler St., Boston) and a mobile component, these renal health screenings are free of charge to the public. Organizations with over 40 people interested in attending a health screening can contact the Asian Renal Clinic for an on-site event.



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