Our staff has the language skills and experience to effectively communicate with and serve members of Boston's Asian community.





腎臟健康篩檢 70人接受檢測
Oct 7, 2009

華埠腎臟健檢日 3日首次登場
Oct 2, 2009

布里根腎臟健檢 延期
May 4, 2009

BWHers Fight Against Kidney Disease
March 20, 2009
The BWH Renal Division has big plans in store this spring to raise awareness of kidney disease, including a walk on March 17. Last week, the division was off to a great start with a free kidney health screening in the 75 Francis St. Lobby that drew about 150 people.

銀髮族保養腎臟 別亂吃止痛藥
Aug 5, 2007 (星島日報,波士頓版)

亂吃藥會造成腎衰竭 蕭俐俐醫師教人認識腎功能
Jan 15, 2008  (星島日報,波士頓版)
Aug 14, 2008 (大紀元週報, 波士頓版)

Dr. Li-Li Hsiao Honored for Compassion
July 22, 2007
2008 Recipient of BWH Starfish Award for Compassionate Patient Care. Photos

BWH Medical Staff News: BWH Opens City's First Asian Renal Clinic
April 7, 2007
To better serve the more than 200,000 Asians—including 174,000 Chinese—living in the Greater Boston area, BWH in March opened the Asian Renal Clinic, the first in Boston and perhaps the only clinic of its kind in the nation.

BWH Bulletin: BWH Opens City's First Asian Renal Clinic
March 9, 2007
When Wen Bin Chen and his wife Hequn Cai sought a renal specialist, they wanted a doctor who could speak to them in Mandarin Chinese, their first language.


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